Piston weight tolerances

Pistons and piston pins are paired in accordance with weight selection. Pistons are weighed with their pertinent parts (piston pins, piston rings, snap rings).

Piston pins must always remain assigned to the corresponding piston and must not be interchanged even within one engine set. Observe allocation during disassembly and assembly of engine, and mark if necessary.

If piston pins have been interchanged by mistake, reallocation must be carried out by checking the total weights.

Identification of pistons on piston crown

Identification for cylinders on cylinder block

a - Cylinder designation (assignment) b - Tolerance group

Only pistons and cylinders of the same tolerance groups may be paired together. Various tolerant» groups may be used within one and the same engine.

Cylinder designation

Ignition sequence 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

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