Remarks dimensions Wear limit 928 GTS928 GTS

Service brake (foot brake)

Brake booster dia. inches

Boost factor

Brake master cylinder dia. front dia. rear

Brake power regulator

Changeover pressure

Reduction factor

Brake disk dia.

front rear

Effective brake disk dia. front rear

Piston dia. in brake caliper front rear

Brake lining area front rear

Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with front axle/rear axle circuit split. Vacuum brake booster, internally ventilated brake disks with 4-piston fixed calipers front and rear. The push rod brake circuit is allocated to the front wheels. ABS is standard.

23.81 mm 20.64 mm

18 bar 0.46

322 mm 299 mm

259.6 mm 246 mm

302 cm2 172 cm2


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