Modified Front Wheel Brakes For 33 Liter Turbo

The front wheel brake disc hub connection is changed since the production of 1981 models. The flange and ring connection has been changed to a brake disc shell connection as on the 911 3.0 Itr. Turbo. By designing the new brake discs with a shell the total distance (brake disc - hub) is 21 mm longer. Consequently the installation of 21 mm spacers is omitted. It is not permitted to additionally install spacers with the wheel hub. Conversion to new brake discs wheel hubs is only permitted on both...


Porsche 930 Electrical Diagram

Oil pump (1978 model) 13- 6 Pistons Cylinders - dimensions installation notes 13- 1 - dimensions installation notes (1978 model) 13- 7 -weight classes 911 Turbo (1980 model) 13- 9 Pop-off valve housing, disassembling assembling 21- 6 - cross tube 53-1 -disassembling assembling 42- 3 - removing installing 42 - 1 Rear fender decal, installing 66- 3 Rear wheel bearing, adjusting 42-13 Rear wheel bearing play, checking 42 - 14 Relay, locations 90 - 1 Ring gear - adjusting backlash 39-19 Steering,...

Checking Turbocharger Turbine Radial Play

Radial play is checked on the turbine end only. Be sure not to rotate the turbine wheel at all during these measurements. 1. Press turbine wheel toward side of housing, check gap with a feeler gauge and note. 2. Press turbine wheel toward opposite side of housing, check gap and note. Difference of both measurements is the radial play. Measure play at least at two different locations.

Removing And Installing Egr Valve

Removing and Installing EGR Filter Removing and Installing EGR Valve 1st stage - from upper vacuum unit to left throttle housing connection (in chiving direction). Connections are marked with red rings. 2nd stage - from lower vacuum unit to right throttle housing connection (in driving direction).

Adjusting Ignition Timing 19 7 7 Models

Timing data 7-2 ATDC at 1000 - 50 rpm (vacuum hose on) Adjustments are made with an engine oil tempe-o o rature of about 80 G (176 F). Pertinent mark on pulley must be opposite notch on blower housing at specified engine speed. 2-pole plug connector near CDI control unit (see Page 28-1) has been deleted from 19 7 7 Models. Wires now routed over 14-pole plug on relay plate. For this reason a tachometer can no longer be connected as described on Page 28-1. Instead a tester must be used, which...


Test values correct Repair or replace wires between plug and CDI control unit. Test values incorrect Replace distributor. Repeat test at 2-pole plug in sensor line (see page 28 - 11). 11. Check sensor system for mechanical damage. Visual inspection Is there clearance between the rotor and stator If there is an ignition spark now, tachometer is defective.

Checking Manifold Pressure

Disconnect and remove electric plug and mani- 5. Connect gauge hose to adapter, counterholding fold pressure limiting switch. From 19 78 Model, the adapter, switch is located behind pop-off valve housing as seen looking forward. 2. Screw adapter (with seal) of special tool in valve housing and tighten slightly. From 1978 Model, first install threaded adapter, Special Tool 9103 1. 3. Screw manifold pressure limiting switch in adapter and tighten only finger tight, counter-holding adapter. 4....

Collapsible Spare 165-15

Tire inflation pressure (cold) Front wheels Rear wheels ** 185 70 SR 14 M + S or 185 70 HR 14 on 5 1 2 J x 14 forged rims Collapsible tire on 5 1 2 J x 15 steel rim, incl. compressor * When using standard tires 50 in conjunction with a limited slip differential, the collapsible tire wheel can only be used on the front axle wheels. ** Only valid for cars equipped with standard 50 summer tires in 15 version. See page 44 - 05 for cars with other summer tire sizes. TECHNICAL DATA (s i n c e 1977...

Additional current flow diagram air conditioner with front condenser

D - to ignition starter switch, terminal 50 2 D - to ignition starter switch, terminal 15 3 J56 - Relay for condenser fan 8, 9 S50 - box 6 T1 - Cable connector, single e - on luggage compartment floor 2, 7 T2 - Cable connector, double T4 - Cable connector, fourfold, below instrument panel 5, 6, 7

Adjusting Rear Wheel Bearings

The spacer between both rear wheel bearings is designed to be shortened in length permanently when tightening the castle nut more than a certain torque (normally more than 300 Nm 217 ft.lbs.) 1. Tighten castle nut to 20 kpm (145 ft. lbs.). Check axial play (specification more than 5 100 mm). Replace spacer, if length had already been shortened (axial play less than 5 100 mm). 3. Continue turning nuts until an axial play of 4 100 to 1 100 mm is reached (while turning the torque could rise up to...

Disassembling And Assembling Differential

Knock out spiral pin for differential pins. 2. Pull off tapered roller bearing inner races with a puller (e.g. Kukko No. 20 1) and special tool P 263. 1. Mount ring gear, using locally manufactured centering pins as guides. Claws of both arms might have to be machined. 2. Tighten ring gear bolts to specified torque. Slide lockplate into groove of bolts, squeeze front end with a pliers (to firmly unite lock-plate with bolts) and lock by bending lockplate down over side of bolt head. 3. Coat...

Removing And Installing Turbocharger Oil Pump

Detach pressure and inlet lines at oil pump. 3. Loosen bolts and remove oil pump with gasket. '-s sr . -- > .- y Je -, Observe the following when installing Keys of left camshaft must be installed to protrude beyond face of camshaft by 8 mm. Key slots also have to be positioned properly so that oil pump cylindrical pin does not rest in a slot. 2. Install cylindrical pin of oil pump shaft between keys of camshaft.

Porsche 930 Replacing Waste Gate

1984 Porsche 911 Gauge Wiring Pictures

REMOVING AND INSTALLING INTAKE AIR INTERCOOLER (19 78 MODEL) 1. Loosen hose clamps on right side of intake air intercooler and pull off hoses. Loosen and remove bolt. 2. Detach hose between waste gate and intake air intercooler at intake air intercooler. Loosen and remove bolt. 3. Unscrew bolts and remove intake air intercooler. 4. Remove turbo outlet duct to intake air intercooler. 1. Check all O-rings, replacing if necessary. 2. Lubricate O-rings with lubricant before installation. 3. To...

Porsche 930 Turbo Waste Gate Vacum Lines Hook Up

2 compression rings, 1 oil scraper ring Light alloy, Nikasil coated Light alloy Shrunk-in annealed sintered steel Press fit, special bronze 1 intake and 1 exhaust valve overhead in V One each overhead camshaft, left and right Cast, 4 bearings, runs directly on camshaft housing metal Air cooled by axial fan on alternator shaft Cooling fan drive Crankshaft blower ratio Air flow rate V-Belt from crankshaft approx. 1 1.67 Oil pressure at 5500 rpm Oil pressure gauge Max. oil temperature Oil...

Porsche 930 Caliper Adapter

Porsche 930 Throttle Spring Installation

Replace seals on hollow bolt and adapter. 4. Check piston position see page 46 - 3. 5. When installing brake pads, check for correct play between pad and recess, correct position of cross spring and clearance of lockplate in case of initial version spring plates (see pages 46 - 2 to 46-4). The blow-up view shows the outer front axle brake caliper half. Piston diameter on front axle 38 mm. Piston diameter on rear axle 30 mm. Mount piston and bleeder valve in correct position, depending on...

Disassembling And Assembling Instructions

Take tension off spring to remove release lever. Only install adjusting lever after engine trans mis- This is done by pressing clutch release lever to- sion assembly has been installed in car. ward front transmission cover with an appropriate tool. Adjust clutch, see Workshop Manual 911, Main Group 7, Page 2.1 - 2 3. Note F 6 Spring will snap back on its own when reaching Drive in lever shaft bushings with Special Tool P 375 until they are positioned correctly (see drawing).

Electronic Speedometer

Checking Electronic Speedometer Sensor Remove tunnel cover in front of emergency seats. Disconnect the flat male plugs at the connector in the tunnel and connect a test buzzer to the wires leading back. Lift car at rear axle and turn right rear wheel by hand. Lock left rear wheel. The buzzer must sound off 8 times for each two revolutions of the wheel. If not, replace the sensor. The left rear wheel need not be locked, if a car is equipped with a limited slip differential. In this case the...

Disassembling And Assembling Mixture Control Unit

Preassemble adjusting lever, spring and pivot 3. Make sure that spring fits properly, fork lever prior to installation in air flow sensor housing. 2. Use an appropriate cylindrical pin for this purpose. e.g. one from adjusting lever of 911 mixture control unit or a standard 8 h 8 x 80 DIN 7 cylindrical pin. Both ends of pin must be chamfered. 4, Guide assembled parts into air flow sensor housing and push out cylindrical pin used for assembly carefully with the original cylindrical pin. 25 -...

Detaching And Attaching Engine And Transmission

Pull transmission off of engine. 1. Remove wires at starter and backup light switch. 2. Remove clutch release lever circlip and take off lever and rubber ring. Clutch release lever does not have to be removed from 19 77 Models. 1. Coat all bearing surfaces of clutch release and drive shaft splines with a multi-purpose lubricant containing MOS .

Removing And Installing Front Fuel Pump

Disconnect ground cable at battery. 3. Clamp intake fuel hose shut. Loosen hose clamp and pull off intake fuel hose. 4. Pull off rubber caps and remove nuts attaching wires. 5. Remove hollow bolt for pressure fuel line. 6. Loosen pump clamp and remove fuel pump. 2. Install fuel pump so there is clearance all around it. Removing and Installing Fuel Pump 20-5


Note number and thickness for installation. 1. Install shims in number and thickness as noted or as determined while adjusting the pinion. Install nut for drive pinion with a fluid adhesive Loctite No, 73 or similar and torque to specifications. Clean threadswith Locquic Primer or similar to assure perfect lock. 6. Torque drive shaft nut to specified data. 2 . Install preassembled drive pinion and drive shaft, and torque clamp nuts to specifications. 3. Install drive pinion and...

Adjusting Ring Gear Backlash

Assemble change gear with those shims determined for the drive pinion setting. Make sure that the drive pinion nut is torqued to specifications before adjusting the backlash. 2. Install differential with taper roller bearings and calculated spacers S 1 and S 2 and position side transmission cover. 5. Block differential with two screws which are screwed in through the flange. Only tighten screws slightly against side transmission cover. 3. Torque side transmission cover hex nuts to...


Yellow Relay Porsche 930

Grind crankshaft oil seal surfaces only when deeply scored. Grind to dimensions of 29,5 mm and 89,5 mm respectively. Otherwise polish out to 3 microns. After grinding, chamfer oil holes to 0,5 mm radius. Break all sharp edges to 0.2 - 0.5 mm radius. Maximum radial runout measured at bearings 1 and 7 is 0, 04 mm, Tenifer treat crankshaft after grinding, Magnaflux to check for cracks. Do not straighten bearing journals 3 and 5 after Tenifer treatment. All other main bearing journals can be...

Information On Brakes Of 911 Carrera Turbolook

Brake Pad Spreader Spring

The 911 Carrera in Turbo-Look has the brake system of the Turbo 3.3. However, the rear wheel brake circuit has a brake force regulator as in the 911 Carrera. The brake force regulator is located on the luggage compartment floor immediately behind the brake master cylinder. It is bolted on the brake master cylinder The second number next to the switching pressure separated by an arrow showing the direction of flow indicates the reducing factor. 5 means a reducing factor of 0.46. Brake force...

Adjusting Gearshift Mechanism

Turn selector rod for transmission's inner selector lever left in neutral to stop as seen in driving direction . 2. Move selector lever in neutral position so that the lower part of the selector lever is vertical and on rigth stop 3rd and 4th gear . 3 Tighten selector rod clamp slightly. 4. Check if shift travel is just as large in 1st through 4th gears and if reverse is easy to engage. Correct adjustments if necessary. 5. Tighten hex nut on clamp to...

Adjusting Drive Pinion

Distance E is calculated by adding together design distance R and deviation r as indicated on face of drive pinion. 1. Install preassembled drive pinion and drive shaft without shims and torque clamping plate nuts to specifications. R 81.69 mm for transmission type 930 32 R 82.29 mm for transmission type 930 30 33 34 2. Install 4 th gear with operating and guide sleeves, and place in 4 th. 1 Deviation r in 1 100 mm 3. Slide 48 x 4 x 148 mm piece of pipe onto drive pinion.

Disassembling And Assembling Front Wheel Brakes

930 Porsche Brake Fluid

Unscrew and plug brake line to prevent brake fluid from flowing out of reservoir. Unscrew brake caliper. Grease caps with welded tapped adapters are installed since Chassis No. 93 Z BS 000094 October, 1980 .These caps can be knocked out with special tool VW 771, without puller 9165. 2. Remove spacer cars up to end of 1980 model year , but do not use sharp edged tools. Burrs could cause wheels to have lateral runout. 3. Remove grease cap according to version. Version A Up to end of 1980 model...

Porsche 930 Wiring Diagram

Porsche 930 Wiring Diagram

Printed in Germany - II. 1978 Replacing Pressure Relief and Residual 25 - 6 c 5. Center adjusting lever in air flow sensor housing and tighten mounting screws. 6. Align angular clearance between air flow sensor plate and venturi. The angular clearance must be uniform. It can be checked with a 0.10 mm feeler gauge. This requires that height adjustment jest position of air flow sensor plate be correct. Disassembling and Assembling xMixture Control Unit

Adjusting Instructions

Torque drive pinion and drive shaft nuts to specifications to adjust selector forks. 1. Install reverse gear selector rod. 6. Install operating lever for reverse gear. Reinstall reverse gear II. 2. Install Special Tool 9106 and assemble reverse gears I and III. 3. Install reverse gear II as shown in illustration.

Checking Fuel Delivery Rate For Control Pressure Circuit

Porsche 930 Turbo Electrical Diagram

Requirements Fuel pumps in correct operational condition. 1. Connect and bleed pressure gauge. 5. Move switching valve to position 2 and let electric fuel pumps run exactly 1 minute by pulling off two-pin plug on mixture control unit. Stop by switching valve to position 3 and measure delivery rate. 2. Set switching valve to position 3. 2. Set switching valve to position 3. If measured valup is outside of tolerances, the cause will be in the fuel distributor. Replace fuel 3. Unscrew hose from...

Disassembling And Assembling Rear Wheel Brakes

Porsche 930 Fuel Line Layout

Do not use sharp edged tools. Burrs could cause wheel to have lateral runout. 2. Turn parking brake adjuster in loosening direction. Unscrew two countersunk screws. 5. Unscrew brake caliper and remove brake disc. If a tight fitting brake disc cannot be removed even after applying light knocks with a plastic hammer, screw hexagon head bolts in two 8 mm diameter threads of brake disc uniformly to press off the disc. 3. Unscrew brake line from brake hose. To prevent brake fluid...

Dismantling And Assembling Instructions

Drive out rear wheel hub with special 1. Heat trailing arm. Insert outer bearing tool P 297 a. races and drive in with an appropriate 2. Pull wheel bearings off of rear wheel hub. Use extracter with grip ring. Only grab hold of bearing at rollers. 2. Install parking brake with anchor and guard on trailing arm. Install inner cross spring. 3. Lubricate bearing surfaces of trailing arm with a multi-purpose lubricant fill space between both bearing surfaces in arm . 4. Place outer bearing in arm....

Checking Egr Valve

Detach upper vacuum hose at EGR valve. 3. Connect upper vacuum hose of 1st stage with an approx. 1 meter 3 feet long hose. 4, Start engine and let it run at idle speed. 5. Detach vacuum hose at distributor and connect it to hose using an appropriate piece of tubing. Also check whether valve stem can be moved up. Repeat this check several times by detaching and attaching hose. A mirror must be used to see valve stem's movement. 26 - 22 Removing and Installing EGR Valve Checking EGR Valve

Checking Distributor In

Porsche Turbo Ignition Unit

Turning distributor shaft sends an alternating current signal to the CDI control unit. This alternating current signal which increases with engine speed, triggers the control unit to release ignition spark. Distributor operation can be checked by measuring alternating current. Never make changes on soft iron teeth of rotor or stator. Disconnect 2-pole plug connector at wire from distributor to engine harness. 2 Connect a multipurpose tester to the plug and adjust it to measure AC voltage. If...

Additional current flow diagram power windows Turbo from model

D - to ignition starter switch terminal X 1 D - to ignition starter switch terminal 15 2 E3' - Power window switch, driver side, for passenger side 5, 6 E40 - Power window switch, driver side 9,10 E4' - Power window switch, passenger side 5,6 J51 - Power window relay 3, 4 513 - Fuse 2 Su - Fuse 1 S - Fuse 8 S'8 - Fuse 9 S21 - Fuse 5 T1 - Cable connector, single, behind fuse box 3 T6 - Cable connector, sixfold b - In door well, right 5, 6, 7 VM - Power window motor, left 9, 10 V'5 - Power window...

Checking Fuel Pump Delivery

911 Cis Fuel Injection

Before check ig fuel pump, check for -clean fuel filter -electrical connections OK -at least 11.5 volts at both fuel pumps 2. Extend fuel return line with a section of fuel hose and place end in a measuring glass contents about 1500 cc . 3. Bridge both fuel pump relays 30 and 87 or pull out plug on air sensor contact. 4. Switch on ignition for 30 seconds. Both pumps must deliver 140 liter hour or 1170 cc in 30 seconds. If delivery rate is less than this specification, check pressure of fuel...

Air Conditioner M 559 Turbo from model

Porsche 924 Turbo Boost Controller

B - to starter terminal 50 2 D - to ignition starter switch terminal 15 1 D - to ignition starter switch terminal 50 4 E33 - Temperature switch for AC 9 J56 - Relay for condenser fan 10,11 N23 - Resistor for evaporator blower 5, 6 N25 - Electromagnetic clutch 9 e - on luggage compartment floor 2, 4,9 a - near evaporator blower 8 T - Wire connector, four-pole, below instrument panel 5, 8, 9 T6' - Wire connector, six-pole, below instrument panel 4 V - Condenser fan 11 Additional Current Flow...

Checking Thermovalve

Blow air by mouth into vacuum hose taken off T-adapter, 3. Thermo-valve must not be open when engine is warm. Termo-valve must be open at an ambient temperature of less than 20 C 68 F . A 0, 5 mm long piece of resistance wire 3 ohms is installed in lead running to thermo-valve. A 3 ohm resistor about 10 watts must always be used when checking thermo-valve, e.g. to check while installed in car.

Disassembling And Assembling Brake Calipers

Place brake caliper section on a wooden board with the piston facing down and press out piston with compressed air. 4. Lift out seals with a plastic rod. 2. Clamp brake caliper section in a vise with the cylinder bores facing up. Use a vise with soft jaws. Make sure surface of brake caliper section is not damaged and consequently the corrosion inhibiting coat is not injured. 3. Remove dirt scraping ring by deforming the support ring of the dirt scraping ring all around with a suitable tool...

Removing And Installing Auxiliary Air Valve

Removing and Installing Auxiliary Air Valve REMOVING AND INSTALLING AIR CLEA Note When Installing, be careful that spring-loaded Allen key for idle adjustment on mixture control unit is not damaged. 1, Unscrew bolts and detach vent hose of air cleaner. 2, Loosen hose clamps and pull off hoses. 2, Loosen hose clamps and pull off hoses. - - - - - i l-V W -1 .- - - - - - i l-V W -1 .- 3. Loosen vent hose clamp on oil filler neck and pull off hose. 4. Unscrew nut slightly and remove air cleaner. 4....

Removing And Installing Rear Axle

Porsche 930 Turbo Joint

Detach brake line at caliper and rear axle trailing arm. First depress brake pedal somewhat with pedal strut to prevent the brake fluid from escaping out of the 3. Disconnect stabilizer at rear axle trailing arm. 4. Detach drive shaft at transmission flange. 4. Detach drive shaft at transmission flange. 7. Lift rear axle strut with special tool P 289. Detach shock absorber at rear axle trailing arm. 8. Remove special tool P 289. Pull out drive shaft with joint toward inside of car. 9. Remove...

Machining Strut Retractor P 289

Various modifications have been made on the rear axle of 911 911 Turbo cars since the beginning of production. Consequently the holder on P 289 must be adapted to the present state. If tool is not changed, the light alloy rear axle trailing arms could be damaged when clamping the tool between spring strut and trailing arm to tighten the mounting bolts.

Current flow diagram 930 Turbo USA Model

Bosch Re55 Regulator Wiring Diagram

E1 - Headlight switch 6,8,9,11,15,20 E3 - Emergency flasher switch 24,25,28,31,34 E6 - Headlight flasher switch 4 E20 - Instrument panel illumination potentiometer 20 E26 - Switch for glove compartment light 41 F5 - Switch for luggage compartment light 42 F32 - Manifold pressure limiting switch 59 H - Key warning buzzer contact 43 J1 - Hazard turn signal flasher 33,34,35 J 16 - Relay boost switch air meter contact 59,60 J - Relayforfuel pump I 54,55 J 27 - Diode for seat belt warning system 46...


Ignition Timing Advance Curve 4cil Turbo

At engine speed of 4000 rpm ignition advance must be 26 t 4 before TDC. Vacuum advance hose disconnected At engine speed of 4000 rpm ignition advance must be 31 t 4 before TDC. Vacuum advance hose disconnected, but retard hose can remain connected as long as the test is made without engine load. If specified values are not reached, remove distributor and check in a test bench. CENTRIFUGAL ADVANCE CURVE - TURBO ENGINE 19 78 - U S A C A LI F O RNIA BTDC CENTRIFUGAL ADVANCE CURVE - TURBO ENGINE 19...

Adjusting Ignition Timing 19 78 Model

USA 10 - 2 ATDC at 950 - 1050 rpm Vacuum hoses ON California 5-1 ATDC at 950 - 1050 rpm Vacuum hoses ON Adjustments are made when engine oil is at a temperature of approx. 80 C 176 F . Pertinent mark on pulley must align with notch in blower housing at specified engine speed. After adjustment of the ignition timing, check ignition timing advance see page 28-4 c .

Location Of Relays In

Porsche 930 Relay

Six standard relays are located in the fuse box in the luggage compartment. 1 - Air conditioner relay front in driving 5 - Electric window winder relay 6 - Fuel pump relay I front 7 - Fuel pump relay II rear The standard relays for the rear window defogger, turn signal emergency flasher lights and seat belt warning system are located on left side of luggage compartment floor as seen in driving direction - same as for the Type 911. The relays are accessible from the luggage compartment or after...

Removing And Installing Air Injection Line And Adapter

Porsche 930 Air Well Pics

Remove heat exchanger and reactors. 3, Loosen air injection line and connections at adapters. Loosen the oil line slightly at the front left adapter and move aside for clearance. Removing and Installing Air Injection Line and Adapter CHECKING CONTROL VALVE, DIVERTER VALVE AND CHECK VALVE In operation control valve, diverter valve and check valve are connected with each other. A defective control valve could also destroy diverter valve as well as check valve. Always check all three parts, if...

Heater Controls

Checking Heat Sensor in Heater Flap Housing 2 - Connect ohmmeter to 2-pole plug of 135 ohm with warm engine at 100 C. Replace heat sensor if resistance is way off see Checking Interior Sensor . An interruption in one of the sensors or in the wires to the control unit will fake a too low or, a short circuit, a too high inside temperature. This will result in an improper movement of the heater lever up or down. Checking Power Supply to Control Unit 1 - Remove right side cover of control unit. 3 -...

Centering Discs 9109

911 Cis Fuel Injection

N 18 is the deviation r on face of drive pinion. 4. Install thrust washer and cylindrical roller bearing. 5. Mount gear housing and secure with two nuts. N 12 is the deviation r on face of drive pinion. r Deviation __Q_.1_2_mm_ 7. Place appropriate pin or reverse gear shaft in bore of transmission case and slide in reverse gear II. 8. Torque drive pinion nut to specifications. 13. Set master gauge VW 385 30 to pinion setting 82.41 mm in example and place on master mandrel. Set dial gauge 3 mm...

Adjusting Ring Gear

Determining total shim thickness St t Sq S2 . Ring gear must be readjusted after replacement of tapered roller bearing for differential, differential housing or pinion ring gear set Drive pinion must be removed to determine preload of tapered roller bearing for differential. 1. Make sure tapered roller bearing outer races fit tight in transmission case or side transmission cover. 2. Install pertinent differential with one each 2.5 mm thick spacer on the ring gear end and opposite end. 3. Insert...

Troubleshooting Automatic

2 - Using an ohmmeter with an appropriate testing range, check the resistance between both coaxial connections on the sensor use test points . The resistance is very dependent on the temperature and should be about 1.5 kOhm at room temperature. Replace the temperature sensor if the resistance is about oo ohm interuption in sensor or about O ohm short circuit in sensor .

Axle Alignment Specifications

The following specifications apply to a car at curb weight according to DIN 70020 car with full fuel tank, spare wheel and tools . In brackets Turbo Carrera USA, Turbo Canada, Japan until end of 1982 models only. Beginning with 1983 models same values as for R. o. W. models. Difference angle at 20 lock toward toe Camber, front wheel pointing straight ahead Cross tube center to rear wheel cen. Can only be adjusted by replacing steering levers

Adjusting Igniton Timing

Connect engine tester or tachometer. This requires separating a 2-pole plug connector near CDI control unit. The connection can be made again with jumper wires, with a connection to black violet wires. Tachometer or engine tester is connected to this wire, which in turn usually goes to terminal 1 of the distributor. Standard tachometers engine testers normally connected to standard coil-type ignition, can also be Depending on type of tester used, tachometer installed in car could return to...

What Is The Porsche Clutch

Press release lever forward with a suitable tool to disengage . 1. Slide release lever with spring on to lever Printed in Germany - V, 1984 Removing and Installing Clutch Release Spring 30 - 11 2. Press back release lever with a suitable tool until release spring passes the top dead center point lever snaps against stop on console . 3. Remove adjusting lever again and mount as close as possible to release lever. 4. Make basic clutch adjustment. 30-12 Removing and Installing Clutch Release...

Checking Function Of Manifold Pressure Limiting Switch

Remove manifold pressure limiting switch. 2. Clamp manifold pressure limiting switch carefully. 3. Connect ohmmeter between switch housing and connecting terminal. Check that ohmmeter reads 0 ohms. 4. Install tubeless tire valve without valve insert on threads of switch. 5. Connect air pressure hose to pressure gauge at valve . 6. Increase pressure carefully. Check that ohm meter goes to OO at about 1, 5 bar. 7, Drop pressure slowly until ohmmeter again goes to 0, Now read pressure which...

Removing And Installing Air Pump

Airpump Porsche 930

Loosen clamps and remove hose between mixture control unit and valve housing. 4, Peel off toothed belt and remove air pump with mount. 1. Install air pump with air pump mount and install toothed belt. 2. Press air pump to the left slightly and tighten the bolt on air pump bracket. Under thumb pressure, the toothed belt should deflect at midpoint by 6 - 8 mm 1 4 to 5 16 in. .

Adjusting Idle

Porsche 930 Tachmeter

Engine must be in perfect mechanical condition and ignition timing set correctly. 1. Run engine to operating temperature about 80 C 176 F . 5. Connect CO tester and separate tachometer according to manufacturer's instructions. Separate 2-pole plug connector when connecting tachometer. Use jumper wires to bridge connectors and provide terminal for connecting black violet wire to tachometer or engine tester. Black violet wire normally goes to terminal 1 of the distributor. The tachometer or...

Checking And Adjusting Drive Belt Of Air Pump

Porsche 930 Intake Schematic

Drive belt tightness is correct if belt gives under thumb pressure applied at point midway between sprockets by 6 to 8 mm. 2. Turn self-locking adjusting bolt until belt tightness is correct. Tighten bolt. 3 - Control pressure regulator 4 - Auxiliary air regulator 10 - Intake air intercooler OPERATING AND TESTING THERMO TI AND 930 6 3 Thermo time valve in vacuum line between distributor and throttle housing is closed on a cold engine. This eliminates vacuum retard control and the ignition...

Checking And Adjusting Air Flow Sensor Plate At Rest Position

911 Cis Fuel Injection

Pall off plug for safety switch on mixture.control unit. Turn ignition on and off again after approx. 10 seconds. Upper edge of air flow sensor plate must be flush with beginning of cone or max. 0.5 mm higher try for lower position . 2. Air flow sensor plate must be level and centered in the venturi cone. The edges of the plate mus1 not touch the sides of the cone and restrict the free movement of the plate and lever. An excessively high air flow sensor plate setting can be corrected by...

Checking Boost Pressure Gauge

Wiring Diagram For 1976 Porsche 911

If boost pressure gauge in tachometer fails, check all wire connections on tachometer or boost pressure sender against wiring diagram. Pull off wire on boost pressure sender. Turn on ignition. Boost pressure gauge needle must deflect fully. Hold disconnected wire against ground. Needle must return to zero. If gauge is OK, trouble is in pressure sender. If gauge is defective, tachometer will have to be replaced. Resistance of boost pressure sender measured between connecting lug and housing must...

Delayed Ignition Cutoff

Porsche 930 Fuel Line Layout

A time delay relay for ignition cutoff will be installed in 19 77 Turbo Carrera Model. An open circuit in diode could prevent energizing of alternator charge indicator light does not come on while turning on ignition . lt 4L lt . Le lt .f A break in diode in blocking direction will be noticed by extended engine run-on after turning it off. When stopping engine, only fuel pumps are turned off at first. After a time delay of 3 to 5 seconds power supply for GDI control unit is broken...

Www.porsche 930 Se

Fuel Enrichment System 930

Testing and Adjusting Data for CIS Fuel Injection TESTING AND ADJUSTING VALUES FOR K-JETRONIC SINCE 1986 MODEL Engine Type 930 68 Control pressure cold equal to outside temperature System pressure Test value Adjusting value Minimum pressure after 10 minutes after 20 minutes Control pressure circuit Delivery rate at least 1500 cc 30 sec. valid for both pumps together Diagram for warm-up regulator Part No. 930.606.105.06 Bosch No. 0 438 140 153 3.75 0.20 bar kp crri2 2.90 0.20 bar kp cm2 6.7 to...

Porsche 930 Warm Up Regulator

930 Warm Regulator

A pressure above 0.8 bar 11 psi could damage the diaphragm in the warm-up regulator. Control pressure will now drop and must reach the specified value with warm-up regulator out of action see page 25 - 16 . If necessary, replace regulator. 3. Connect tester VW 1274 with locally made adapter on disconnected hose to warm-up regulator . 25-14 Checking Warm Control Pressure Checking Control Pressure Warm - Full Throttle Enrichment

Checking Clutch Disc

Porsche 930 Clutch Adjustment

The clutch disc must move easily in axial direction on drive shaft without radial play. 2. Check rivets. Replace clutch disc if in doubt. 3. Check clutch lining. If clutch lining has oil spots, is burnt, torn or worn at spots, install a new disc. 4. Check lining thickness. Thickness of disc with riveted lining no tension is 10.1 0.3 mm. Wear limit no tension is 8.5 mm for symmetrical wear. The MFZ clutch pressure plate from Fichtel and Sachs is not designed for reconditioning or...

Testing And Adjusting Data For Cis Fuel Injection

Porsche 930 Fuel Injection

Control pressure cold' acc. to outside temp. Control pressure warm Engine Type 930 51, 930 53 min. pressure after 10 minutes 20 minutes Diagram for warm-up control Part No. 911.606.105.02 and 930.606.105.00 Bosch No. 0 438 140 016 and 0 438 140 022 2.6 -3.0 bar atm 6.0 - 6.7 bar atm Engine Type 930 51 1 to 3 930 53 2 to 4 Testing and Adjusting Data for CIS Fuel Injection TESTING AND ADJUSTING DATA FOR CIS FUEL INJECTION 1978 MODEL 25 - 16 Testing and Adjusting Data for CIS Fuel Injection 25 -...

Correcting Co Adjustment On Mixture Control Unit Us Cars

Remove the lead-sealed wrench and replace it with a new wrench, Part No. 930 110 910 01, if the CO level is not within specifications. 2. Adjust CO and engine idle speed. 3. Apply one drop of Loctite No. 270 in the bore of the adjusting wrench and close the bore with a plug, Part No. 930 110 921 00, after finishing adjustments. 25 - 10 f Correcting CO Adjustment on Mixture Control Unit Printed in Germany

Checking Waste Gate Operation

Porsche Turbo Vaccuum Line

Loosen and remove control line to waste gate. 2. Run engine at idle speed. There must be noticeable vacuum in control line. With increasing engine speed, vacuum changes to pressure charging pressure . 3. Insert a plug in disconnected control line, so that engine will not stall while checking waste gate operation. 4. Carefully blow compressed air in control line opening of waste gate. Listen for sound of waste gate opening. Doxi.0.t.use more than 1,5 bar 21 psi air pressure. In addition to...

Removing And Installing Engine

Westerbeke Heat Exchanger Drain Plug

The engine and transmission assembly is lowered to remove. 2. Disconnect ground cable at battery. 4. Loosen engine block vent hose at engine, pull off and plug opening at vent cover. 5. - Cars with air conditioning only -Detach compressor at console and leave it connected to the hoses in the car. The air conditioner system must be discharged if the compressor hoses are disconnected. 6. Remove relay plate cover and disconnect engine wires at relay plate, at adapter plug, relay plate socket and...

Technical Data 1978 Model

Refer to appropriate repair group for adjusting and wear limit data Total displacement Compression ratio 930 61, Cal. 930 63, from 1979 models 930 64 mm inch 97 3.82 mm inch 74.4 2.93 cm3 inch3 3299 201.3 7.0 1 Max. engine speed Max. engine cruising speed Governor cut-off speed in distributor Camshaft drive Camshaft bearings Cooling fan drive Crankshaft blower ratio Lubrication Nm ft lbs 395 291 at engine speed of 4000 rpm One each overhead camshaft OHC, left and right Plain, directly on...

And Wear Limit Data

measured betvi valve and rocker arm Intake valve stroke in TDC overlap at 0.1 mm tappet clearance 0.65 - 0.80 mm Intake valve springs Exhaust valve springs Intake valve springs 0 gt 3mm Ignition Timing Adjustment engine oil temperature at least 80 C 29 - 2 BTDC on crankshaft at 4000 rpm vacuum hose disconnected 5-3 ATDC on crankshaft at 950 - 50 rpm vacuum hose connected 7-2 ATDC on crankshaft at 1000 - 50 rpm vacuum hose connected 15 - 2 ATDC on crankshaft at 1000 - 50 rpm vacuum hose...

Turbo Carrera Repair Manual

This repair manual describes all of the important operations for which special instructions are required to assure proper completions. This manual is essential for the shop foremen and mechanics, who need this information to keep the vehicles in a safe operating condition. The basic safety rules, of course, also apply to repairs on vehicles without exception. The Turbo Carrera Repair Manual only describes repair operations which differ from those for 911 models. Refer to the 911 Repair Manual...