Adjusting Igniton Timing


1. Connect engine tester or tachometer. This requires separating a 2-pole plug connector near CDI control unit.

The connection can be made again with jumper wires, with a connection to black/

violet wires. Tachometer or engine tester is connected to this wire, which in turn usually goes to terminal 1 of the distributor. Standard tachometers/engine testers normally connected to standard coil-type ignition, can also be connected here. Note

Depending on type of tester used, tachometer installed in car could return to off during test. This is not important to test.


With the engine running the black/violet wire is charged with about 450 V. When connecting test equipment be careful that the connecting terminal does not touch car's ground. A short circuit of this type could damage ignition control unit.

2. Do not disconnect vacuum hose at distributor.

3. Make adjustments with the oil temperature at about 80° C/176° F. The notch on the pulley to the left of the Z1 mark (5° AT DC on crankshaft) must be opposite the mark on the fan housing at an engine speed of 950 - 50 rpm


Since the turbo engine uses breakerless ignition, there is no dwell angle adjustment.

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