Checking Clutch Disc

1. Check teeth. The clutch disc must move easily in axial direction on drive shaft without radial play.

2. Check rivets. Replace clutch disc if in doubt.

3. Check clutch lining. If clutch lining has oil spots, is burnt, torn or worn at spots, install a new disc.

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4. Check lining thickness. Thickness of disc with riveted lining (no tension) is 10.1* 0.3 mm. Wear limit (no tension) is 8.5 mm for symmetrical wear.


The MFZ clutch pressure plate from Fichtel and Sachs is not designed for reconditioning or repairing. The inspection is limited to dry cleaning and removing dust with compressed air and emery cloth, and a thorough visual 1 examination.

1. Clean clutch. If necessary, clean bearing surface of pressure plate with emery cloth. Remove burnt spots by polishing. Clean entire assembly thoroughly with compressed air.

2. Check ends of diaphragm springs for traces of wear from clutch release bearing. Wear up to a depth of 0, 3 mm is not serious.

3. Check friction surface of pressure plate for cracks, burnt spots and wear. Check with steel ruler. Pressure plates which are tapered up to 0, 3 mm toward inside, can still be used (check with feeler gauge blade).

4. Check spring connections between pressure plate and cover for cracks. Check tightness of rivet connections. Replace pressure plates with damaged or loose rivets.



1. After cleaning, check clutch contact surface of flywheel for wear. If necessary, machine surface and smooth with emery cloth. Replace the flywheel, if necessary.

2. Lubricate needle bearing in flywheel with about 1 cm® (1, 5 grams) of MoS grease.

3. Install clutch with special tool 9102 to center in flywheel.

Check Porsche 930 Turbo

4. Center clutch pressure plate on flywheel.

5. Tighten bolts evenly and diagonally to prevent distortion on cover. Tighten bolts to specified torque. Use Special Tool P 201 a and a spacing sleeve to hold the flywheel.

ADJUSTING CLUTCH - 19 7 7 MODEL (with auxiliary clutch spring on transmission)


With auxiliary clutch spring it is no longer possible to accurately check clutch free play at clutch pedal. Consequently clutch free play has to be checked at transmission adjusting lever.

Check and adjust clutch, see Workshop Manual 911» Main Group 7 - Page 2,1 - 2/3.

disassembling and assembling clutch

Porsche 930 Clutch Adjustment930 Porsche Clutch Linkage Diagram




Note When Removing Installing

Special Instructions

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