* The internal ratio (boosting factor) in the brake booster has been changed: formerly 2.25, since 1985 models 3.0. Code since 1985 models: label showing 3.0 ratio. It is possible to install the modified brake booster in older models (beginning with 1978).


Remarks Specifications

Wear Limit

Min. brake disc thickness after machining *

Thickness tolerance

Brake disc lateral runout

Installed brake disc lateral runout

Peak-to-valley surface finish of brake discs after machining

Parking brake (hand-operated)

Brake drum dia.

Brake shoe width

Liner area per wheel

Liner thickness front 30.6 mm 30 mm rear 26.6 mm 26 mm max. 0.02 mm max. 0.05 mm max. 0.1 mm max. 0.006 mm

Drum brakes with mechanical action on both rear wheels

181 mm

2 mm

* Brake disc must only be machined symmetrically, i. e. uniformly on both sides. Deburr vent holes after machining.

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