Single pipe system with turbocharger, waste gate, muffler, air pump and 2 reactors

Automatic temperature control for heater

(at DIN curb weight)

mm/inch mm/inch mm/inch mm/inch mm/inch mm/inch m/ft mm/inch

(DIN 70020)

kg/lbs kg/lbs kg/lbs kg/lbs

1295 / 2855

1500 / 3307


Total amount of oil for system with cooling coils

Amount for oil change

Amount of oil between min. and max. marks on dipstick

Transmission + differential Fuel tank Brake fluid tank Windshield washer ltr/qt

Itr/qt ltr/qt

Approx. 13/14, exact amount determined by reading on oil dipstick, measured with engine running at idle speed and operating temperature

Approx. 10/11

Approx. 2/2

Brand name heavy duty oils for internal combustion engines acc. to API Classification SE. Use following viscosity multi-grade oils for year round operations (oil change every 15, 000 mi. /24, 000 km): SAE 10 W/50, 15 W/50 or 20 W/50. Do not use latter oil for constant temperatures below - 15° C/+ 5° F. Brand name single grade oils of API Classification SE should only be used when multi-grade oils are not available and normal operating conditions prevail. The use of such oils will require observance of additional change intervals according to season of year to prevent any damage. Use SAE 30 oil for summer and SAE 20 W for winter (only at constant temperatures below + 5° C/+ 41° F).


Itr/pt ltr/gal.

80/21, of which 8 ltr/2 US gal. in reserve Approx. 0.2/0.4 Approx. 8.5/2.2


Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h s 5.6 DIN curb weight +

Km from standing start s 24. 0

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