Cross spring


Brake pad

Connecting line Screw

Brake caliper half, outer (marked with Porsche)

Bridge without opening Bridge with opening

Brake caliper half, inner (with mounting eyes)

Dust cap

Bleeder screw

Hollow union bolt

Ring connector Seal

Mark for reinstallation later if applicable.

Replace if necessary. Position correctly (flat side faces brake disc).

Lockplate must still move after cross spring has engaged, to excludt deformation of the cross spring.

Check, replacing if necessary. Wear limit 2 mm.


Bottom on front axle, top on rear axle

New version (without no. 12 - 15), can be installed retroactively.

Not applicable if openings of spring plate (no. 18)take over cross spring funct.

omitted since Dec. 1984






Tightening Torque Nm (ftlb)

Brake force regulator to connector or ring adapter

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