Location Of Relays In

Six standard relays are located in the fuse box in the luggage compartment.

1 - Air conditioner relay (front in driving direction) optional extra equipment

2 - Foglight relay

3 - Horn relay

4 - Not occupied

5 - Electric window winder relay

The standard relays for the rear window defogger, turn signal/emergency flasher lights and seat belt warning system are located on left side of luggage compartment floor as seen in driving direction - same as for the Type 911. The relays are accessible from the luggage compartment or after removal of small combination instrument.

On the 19 77 Models the fuse sequence has changed as follows:

1. The fuses 16 and 21 (fuel pump and window controls) have been interchanged.

2. The fuses 12 and 14 (sliding roof and rear window wiper or fan and rear window defogger) have also been interchanged. This was necessary to prevent the engine from running for several seconds after the ignition was turned off with the heater fan turned on.

Printed in Germany - I, 1976

Location of Relays in Car 90-1

Fuse/Relay Plate from 1 9 7 6 Models 22 24

2 - Fuse/relay plate

3 - Relay, air control/charging pressure

4 - Relay, two stage rear window defogger

5 - Condenser, CDI control unit

6 - Radio suppressor

7 - Voltage stabilizer

8 - CDI control unit

Porsche 930 Relay

90-2 Location of Relays

Printed in Germany

Relay Plate - 19 7 7 Models

1 - Rear fuse holder

2 - Relay plnte

3 - Air flow sensor/turbo boost pressure relay

4 - Delayed ignition cut-off relay

5 - Two-stage rear window defogger relay

6 - CDI control unit capacitor (not applicable from 19 78 model)

7 - Radio suppressor

8 - Voltage regulator

9 - CDI control unit

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