Modified Front Wheel Brakes For 33 Liter Turbo

The front wheel brake disc/hub connection is changed since the production of 1981 models. The flange and ring connection has been changed to a brake disc shell connection as on the 911/3.0 Itr. Turbo.

By designing the new brake discs with a shell the total distance (brake disc - hub) is 21 mm longer. Consequently the installation of 21 mm spacers is omitted. It is not permitted to additionally install spacers with the wheel hub.

Conversion to new brake discs/wheel hubs is only permitted on both sides simultaneously for 3.3 liters cars before 1981 models.

Removing grease caps is different due to the modified hubs. Old Version

New Version

Disassembling and Assembling Front Wheel 46 - 4 a rra^oc

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