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(Refer to appropriate repair group for adjusting and wear limit data)


Internal engine code



Total displacement Compression ratio

930/61, Cal. 930/63, from 1979 models 930/64 mm/inch 97/3.82 mm/inch 74.4/2.93 cm3/inch3 3299/201.3 7.0 : 1

Torque SAE net

Output per liter

Max. engine speed Max. engine cruising speed

Governor cut-off speed {in distributor)

Engine weight (dry) with muffler

Engine Design Type

Cooling System



Crankshaft bearings

Connecting rod bearings

Cylinders, individual

Arrangement of valves per cylinder

Valve actuation

Camshaft drive Camshaft bearings Cooling fan drive Crankshaft/blower ratio Lubrication

Fuel supply Mixture

Induction system

Nm/ft lbs 395/291 at engine speed of 4000 rpm kW/HP 67/91

rpm 6700

rpm 6000

rpm 7000+- 200

kg/lbs 240/529

4 stroke internal combustion Air

Light alloy Forged

8 plain main bearings

Plain bearings

Light alloy

1 intake valve

1 exhaust valve

Vee configuration, overhead

One each overhead camshaft OHC, left and right


Plain, directly on camshaft housing V-belt from crankshaft Approx 1 : 1.67

Dry sump with separate oil tank thermostat controlled oil cooling and full flow oil filter, cooling coils in front right wheel house electric pumps in series connected

Continous injection system (CIS)

KKK exhaust turbocharger

Electric System

Battery voltage Battery capacity Alternator output Ignition system Firing order

Exhaust System



Wheel base

Front track width Rear track width




Turning circle dia. Ground clearance, full load


Curb weight

Max. total weight

Max. front axle load Max. rear axle load

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