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This repair manual describes all of the important operations for which special instructions are required to assure proper completions. This manual is essential for the shop foremen and mechanics, who need this information to keep the vehicles in a safe operating condition. The basic safety rules, of course, also apply to repairs on vehicles without exception.

The Turbo Carrera Repair Manual only describes repair operations which differ from those for 911 models. Refer to the 911 Repair Manual for all other information.

The information is grouped according to repair numbers, which are identical to the first two digits of the repair time and warranty code.

The repair group index and register table are quick guides to find information in the manual.

Descriptions of design and function can be found in service training course reference material.

This repair manual will be kept up to date with workshop bulletins; the information in these bulletins will be made part of the manual from time to time. We recommend that the Workshop Bulletins be filed in the special folder provided for this purpose.

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