Bleeding Clutch

The use of a pressure bleeder is recommended.

1. Fill tank with brake fluid to upper edge. Remove restrictor sleeve. Connect bleeder.

2. Switch on bleeder and open bleeder screw on clutch slave cylinder until escaping fluid is without air bubbles. Operate clutch pedal several times during this step.

3. If necessary because of residual air (release traver less than 15 mm), unscrew slave cylinder on clutch housing. Push rod against stop in slave cylinder and release again (bleeder switched off, brake fluid tank not filled to upper edge). This will force the residual air back into the clutch line or master cylinder/ brake fluid tank.

Never operate clutch pedal as long as slave cylinder is removed.

4. Install slave cylinder again. Repeat bleeding procedures.



When performing operations on the transaxle system that involve rotating or shifting the transaxle tuebe, always wear leather gloves to avoid injuries.

1. Disconnect ground wire at battery. Disconnect round wire connecting body with clutch housing.

2. Disconnect ground wire on clutch housing I. Unscrew socket head bolts and run reference mark sensor II and speed sensor Ill for DEE out of holder IV.

Disconnect wire harness for starter at upper mounting point V.

If necessary, remove air cleaner for this step.

3. Remove exhaust assembly. This requires unscrewing exhaust pipe on exhaust manifold and suspension mounting bolts. If car has oxygen control, disconnect wires of oxygen sensor on plug.

4. Remove heat shield above catalytic converter. Remove splash guard. Run out rear exhaust pipe bracket together with bracket bolted on the central tube.

7. Remove circlip on shift lever. Pull off selector rod and washer on bolt of shift lever.

5. Push back dust cover. Remove lockwire on clamp bolt of selector linkage. Unscrew bolt.

8. Remove insulator above shift lever console. Remove shift lever, but first mark location of console after removing the rear mounting bolt.

Bleeding Clutch Porsche 944

10. Unscrew two upper mounting bolts of clutch housing.

Take off end cap on central tube housing. Push back protective tube for selector rod far enough, that it is 11. outside of the central tube housing. This is done by inserting a large screwdriver through assembly opening in central tube housing and opening retainer on protective tube.

12. Unscrew and remove clamping sleeve bolts through assembly openings. Push clamping sleeve in direction of transmission.

13. Detach joint shafts on transmission end, but do not let joint shafts hang down to final stop in joint (instead suspend from car with wire) to avoid damage.

14. Pull off wires on backup light switch. Also pull off plug on speedometer drive of cars since 1985/2 models (see page 34 - 4).

15. Run in a workshop trolley jack fitted with Special Tool 9115 or an universal transmission jack underneath the transmission. Lift transmission slightly to remove pressure on suspension.

16. Remove transmission suspension bolts.

17. Lower transmission with central tube until central tube rests on the rear axle cross tube.

18. Remove transmission/central tube flange bolts. Remove transmission downward.

19. Remove starter. Unscrew clutch line mounting clamp, Detach clutch slave cylinder on clutch housing (do not open hydraulic system).

20. Disconnect starter wire harness on clutch housing. Pull out release lever shaft mounting bolt with a 8 mm bolt. Unscrew the tour central tube/ clutch housing mounting bolts.

21. Pull back selector rod again, which had been pushed forward for removal of the transmission, so that nothing will be damaged when moving the central tube.

22. Move back central tube far enough until central tube housing rests on transmission carrier. If central tube cannot be moved out of clutch housing without applying force, hold engine tight with transport eye mounted on camshaft housing with Special Tool VW 10222.

In this case the engine has excessive inclination at rear - check engine suspension. N o t e

Make sure brake lines are not damaged by the central tube.

23. Unscrew guard on clutch housing. Remove right support, insofar as car is fitted with supports.

24. Unscrew two lower mounting bolts on clutch housing, after unscrewing engine mount nuts and pushing engine to the right

944 Release Lever Shaft

25. Move out guard and clutch housing with release lever.

26. Disconnect clutch on flywheel.

1. Check flywheel, starter gear ring, pilot bearing in flywheel, crankshaft seal, release bearing, guide sleeve, release lever, pressure plate and clutch disc for wear or damage.

4. Mount clutch housing and release lever together on engine/release bearing. This requires that the bolt glued on the flywheel for the reference mark sensor faces down (danger of damage).

Insert cover. Mount clutch housing with the two lower bolts.

2. Coat guide sleeve with multi-purpose MoS2 grease.

Give spline of drive shaft and area in pilot bearing/

flywheel a light coat of MoS2. Lubricate release lever (pivot, ball socket and needle bearings) with white solid lubricating pasta AOS 126 0006.

5. Move release lever until needle bearing and bore in clutch housing align. Slide in release lever shaft positioned correctly so that machined surface faces mounting bolt against stop. If necessary, move release lever back and forth -but never use force!

3. Install clutch. This requires that friction surfaces be clean and without grease. Use short drive shaft of a 928 (or a shortened drive shaft from a damaged central tube) to center the clutch disc. Screw in bolts uniformly crosswise. Tightening torque = 25 Nm (18 ft lb). Counterhold on hexagon bolt of front pulley.

Transit Connect Clutch Bleed ScrewGrease Central Lock Porsche

6. Screw in mounting bolt for a correctly installed release lever shaft and lock with out.

7. Bolt clutch housing, cover and, if applicable, right support. Connect starter wire harness. Mount start and reference mark sensors as well as ground wires on clutch housing and body.

8. Check that insulation sheet on central tube is still positioned correctly. Distance from flange inside to insulation should be 500 mm (20 in.).

11. Place selector rod protective tube in transmission case. Replace a selector rod protective tube, if retainer is deformed excessively. Install transmission.

Push selector rod protective tube forward until retainer engages in transmission case. Mount selector rod on intermediate shift lever.

944 Selector Rod Shift Linkage Rod

9. Push central tube forward and bolt on clutch housing. Guide central tube with drive shaft into clutch housing and clutch disc carefully (danger of damage). Never apply force. Screw in mounting bolts and loosen again by about 1 turn. (Never tighten bolts fully, see note!)

12. Tighten mounting nuts insofar as engine mounted had been unscrewed. Then bolt central tube on clutch housing to specified torque (bolts had only been screwed in finger tight. see point 9).

To avoid tension in engine, transmission and central tube, when installing in car tighten central tube to clutch housing mounting bolts only after bolting the engine and transmission.

13. Repair any damage on splash guard caused by removal of transmission or moving of central tube. Install starter and exhaust assembly.

10. Install clutch slave cylinder. Mount clutch line.

14. Mount shift lever so that inclination in neutral is 85° (refer to mark).

disassembling and assembling clutch controls

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