23. Check shim thickness at several positions with a micrometer. Check shims for burrs and damage. Only install perfect shims.

24. Install selected shims. "S3" behind pinion. "S4" opposite pinion.

25. Install pinion and lubricate bearings with hypoid gear oil.

26. Check measurements.

Install universal gage. Set dial gage at 0 with 3 mm preload. If proper shims have been installed. dial gage reading must be specified deviation "r" within a tolerance of +- 0.04 mm (red gage range).

27. After installation of pinion with the selected shims the turning torque must also be measured. It must be 250 to 550 Ncm

his value applies to new bearings. Measure actual turning torque before disassembly if used bearings are to be installed again.

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