Changing Atf And Cleaning Atf Filter Screen


ATF liquid

(ATF-Dexron II D) is no longer red and transparent, but brown and becomes completely black after short operation.

Oil volume:

New filling with ATF cooler = approx. 6.5 liters Oil change: approx. 2.8 liters

Oil grade: ATF-Dexron II D

1. Unscrew oil filler tube at oil sump and filling tank, and drain ATF.

Porsche 944 Torque Tube

Tightening torques:

Oil filler tube to oil sump = 80 Nm

2. Remove oil sump and oil filter screen when ATF stops running out of transmission

Oil sump to transmission case = 21 Nm

Oil filter screen to valve body = 4 Nm

Car must be parked on level surface and transmission should have operating temperature when changing ATF.

3. Clean all parts thoroughly and reinstall. Replace gasket for oil filter screen and oil sump.

9. Then check and correct ATF level as described below.

4. Add ATF with filler.

The specified ATF level is extremely important for perfect operation of the automatic transmission.

1. Car must be on level surface.

2. Move selector lever to N and apply parking brake.

5. First add approx. 2.5 liters of ATF.

3. Run engine at idle speed during check.

Clean upper section of tank and cover prior to adding ATF, to prevent dirt from entering filling tank.

4. ATF must be hand warm (approx. 40 to 60 °C). Heat expansion will cause deviation in ATF level at higher or lower temperatures.

6. Start engine and move selector lever through all positions on stationary car.

7. Check ATF level and, if necessary, fill to lower mark.

8. Test drive car briefly to warm up ATF hand warm.

5. Difference between upper and lower marks is 0.4 liters.

Excessive ATF would also cause disturbances and must be drained again.

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