Checking Drive Plates

1. Inspect splines. Drive plate must slide easily on input shaft in axial direction without radial play.

2. Check rivets and rubber torsion damper for cracks or damage. Replace drive plate when in doubt.

3. Inspect clutch liners. If clutch liners are covered with oil, burnt, damaged or worn at spots, install a new drive plate.

4. Check liner thickness of drive plates. Drive plate with riveted liner: Relaxed thickness: 8.1 +- 0.3 mm.

Relaxed wear limit: 6.3 mm for symmetrical wear.

Clutch liners cannot be replaced.

5. Check drive plate with liner for lateral runout. Max. permissible lateral runout 0.6 mm measured pprox. 2 to 3 mm from outside diameter.


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