Disassembling And Assembling Forward Clutch

1. Remove circlip and take all parts out of clutch drum.

1. Measure location of groove for circlip. Distance "a"

= 29.8 mm. There are different version, consequently only install a clutch drum with correct distance "a".

2. Only install inner plates, the linings of which have grooves as shown in the picture. Place new lined plates in ATF 15 minutes before installing.

3. Measure axial play of forward clutch. Specification: 0.50 . . . 0.90 mm. The following pressure plates are available for adjustments.

2.30 mm, 2.70 mm, 3.10 mm, 3.50 mm and 3.90 mm thick.

4. Check function of assembled forward clutch. This is done by placing both clutches (forward and D + R clutches) with thrust washers on an oil pump and applying compressed air in pressure bore (arrow A). Piston should be heard to compress the plate assembly. Piston must return to its starting position when supply of compressed air is stopped.

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