Disassembling And Assembling Gear Carrier

1. Remove end cover by puncturing center of rubber with a large screwdriver and prying off cover.

2. Clamp input shaft in a vise and unscrew input shaft bolt. Fit vise with soft jaws!

4. Drive off rear cover with a plastic hammer and remove 1st inner race/ball bearing (A).

Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing 944 Porsche

3. Clamp gear carrier in vise and unscrew rear cover mounting bolts.

5. Pull off clutch body and 2nd inner race/ball bearing.

6. Remove 5th gear synchromesh ring.

8. Remove circlip for synchronizer.

9. Remove 5th gear with sliding sleeve and synchronizer, needle bearing and 5th gear selector fork.

Selector rod remains in gear carrier!

10. Unscrew stop bolts for selector rods.

11. Clamp 4th gear/drive pinion in a vise and unscrew bolt for drive pinion.

Make sure vise is fitted with soft jaws!

12. Pull off 5th gear.

A - Two-arm puller (standard)

e. g. Kukko 20/10, if necessary grind off claws slightly or pry away gear slightly with two tire irons.

13. Remove shim for 5th gear.

14. Clamp gear carrier with shafts forward in vise.

15. Drive out dowel sleeve for dog on 1 st and 2nd gear selector rod, while holding with a hammer. Turn dog to face up.

20. Pull drive pinion forward far enough so that selector rod and selector fork for 1st and 2nd gears can be removed.

21. Swing out drive pinion.

1. Position lock pin in bore correctly.

17. Pull out selector rod for 3rd and 4th gears (selector fork remains in sliding sleeve). Do not loose small lock pin!

18. Unscrew bolt for operating lever.

19. Pull drive pinion and input shaft forward slightly. Remove input shaft with 3rd and 4th gear selector fork.

N o t e: For transmissions with reverse gear synchronization disconnect spring clamp for reverse gear on pinion shaft end and turn aside.

2. Insert springs and sleeves for gear interlock (1st through 4th gears).

3. Adjust operating lever (see page 34 - 35).

4. Swing in drive pinjon, engaging reverse gear for this purpose.

5. Insert selector fork and selector rod for 1st and 2nd gears, and push in drive pinion fully.

6. Slide in 3rd and 4th gear selector fork positioned correctly on selector rod for 5th and reverse gears.

7. Install input shaft, insert 3rd and 4th gear selector fork in sliding sleeve and push in input shaft completely.

Porsche 944 Guide Sleave

Press roller bearing inner race off of input shaft to make installation easier.

8. Adjust selector rods to neutral position and make sure rocks are positioned correctly (see page 34.36).

9. Slide in 3rd and 4th gear selector rod with small lock (held in position with grease).

10. Lock 3rd and 4th gear selector fork on selector rod with a pin, holding with a hammer.

11. Lock dog for 1st and 2nd gear selector rod on selector rod with a pin, while holding with a hammer.

12. Instalt stop bolts with new seals and tighten to specified torque.

13. Clamp 4th gear/drive pinion in a vise.

14. Determine thickness of shim for 5th gear.

Measure distance "a" with a depth gauge and refer to foltowing table for thickness and part number of shim.

Distance "a" (mm)


Thickness (mm)

Part Number

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