3. Complete universal gauge as shown.

10. Pull the second centering disk outwards with the adjustable set ring so that the universal gauge can still just be turned by hand.

4. Use dial gauge extension VW 385/15 with length = 9.3 mm.

5. Set the master gauge to

Ro = 59.65 mm (016 J/K up to Mod. '88) Ro = 58.15 mm (016 J as from Mod. '89) and mount on the universal gauge. Set the dial guage (3 mm range) to zero with 1 mm pre-load.

6. Move the adjustable set ring back against the stop.

11. Turn the universal gauge until the dial gauge probe makes contact with the gauge plate on the pinion head and the dial indicates max. deflection (reversing point). The measured value is dimension "e" (black number scale). For example: 0.46 mm.

7. Place gauge plate VW 385/17 (with magnet) on the pinion head.

8. Remove the master gauge and insert the universal gauge into the housing (installed position). Centering disk VW 385/2 for final drive cover.

9. Mount final drive cover carefully (do not knock, risk of gauge plate slipping). Remove the toroidal sealing ring, for practical reasons, and tighten the cover with

4 screws.

Determining the thickness of shim "S3"

(max. dial gauge deflection)

r = Deviation (given on the ring gear in 1/100 mm or determined by measuring the actual distance)

Example: Value indicated on the dial gauge "e" 0.46 mm Deviation value given on the ring gear "r" + 0.18 mm

Shim thickness "S3" 0.64 mm

S3 shims available as spare parts:

Thickness (mm) 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.35 0.40 0.65 0.90 1.15

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