21. Mount 5th gear with synchronizer and sliding sleeve, needle bearing and selector fork. Lock selector fork on selector rod with a pin, holding with a hammer.

22. Insert circlip for synchronizer.

23. Insert 5th gear synchromesh ring.

24. Heat clutch to about 120 °c (250 °F) and mount, driving it on against stop with a suitable pjece of pipe if necessary.

25. Heat 2nd ball bearing inner race to about 120 °C (250 °F) and install.

26. Install dowel sleeves, position gasket and mount rear cover.

27. Heat 1st ball bearing inner race to about 120 °C

28. Tighten bolt for input shaft to specified torque.

29. Tighten cover/gear carrier bolts to specified torque.

30 Press in new end cover.


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