D e t e r m i n i n g I n s t a l l e d P o s i t i o n o f D r i v e P i n i o n (Actual Distance)

This operation is only necessary when deviation "r" is not given on the ring gear and parts have to be replaced, which have direct influence on the drive pinion position. These would be both tapered roller bearings for drive pinion and transmission case.

Complete universal gauge as show n in the list of tools, insert in transmission case and measure difference to "Ro" (max. deflection/point of reversal). Measured value will be equal to deviation "r".

Adjust drive pinion as described after replacing parts. Use the deviation "r" used for determination of shim thickness "S3".

Adjustment of the pinion/ring gear according to the following instructions will only be necessary when replacing the pinion/ring gear. Make adjustments with help of the previously determined installed position (actual distance), if other parts with influence on the drive pinion are being replaced.

4. Mount gauges.

Set dial gauge (3 mm range) to 0 with 1 mm preload. Dial gauge extension length approx. 30mm.

5. Move drive pinion up and down. Read play on dial gauge and note the value. Do not turn drive pinion during this step to avoid wrong readings. Example: 1.30 mm.

D e t e r m i n i n g T o t a l S h i m T h i c k n e s s S t o t (S3 plus S4)

6. Take off gear carrier again.

1. Install tapered roller bearing outer race without shims in transmission case or gear carrier.

2. Install completely assembled drive pin ion. Mount gear carrier and tighten bolts to torque of 25 Nm (18 ft lb).

3. Turn drive pinion about 20 full revolutions by hand so that both tapered roller bearings are preloaded, while lifting and lowering drive pinion.

D e t e r m i n i n g T o t a l S h i m T h i c k -n e s s " S t o t " (S3 plus S4)


Pre-load Measured value

Stot measured value + pre-load 0.30 mm (constant value) 1.30 mm (example) 1.60 mm

D e t e r m i n i n g D e v i a t i o n " r "

1. Install shim of determined thickness (1.60 mm in the example) behind tapered roller bearing outer race in gear carrier (S4 side). Mount gear carrier again, bolt and turn drive pinion in both directions about 20 revolutions each.

2. Adjust set ring of gauge VW 385/1 to distance "a".

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