Any thickness for "S3" is possible due to the tolerances of the shims. Measure shim thickness at many different points with a micrometer. Also check shims for burrs or damage. Only install shims in perfect condition.

1. Install drive pinion with measured shims S3 and S4. Bolt gear carrier and turn drive pinion in both directions about 20 full revolutions by hand so that the tapered roller bearings will be loaded by the rotation and can settle.

D e t e r m i n i n g T h i c k n e s s o f S h i m " S 4 "


Total shim thickness Shim thickness S3 Shim thickness S4

2. Apply universal gauge and check distance.

3. When shims have been selected correctly, the dial gauge (read counter clockwise - red number range) should display the value of deviation "r" inscribed on the ring gear with a tolerance of +- 0.04 mm.

C h e c k i n g P r e - l o a d o f T a p e r e d R o l l e r B e a r i n g o n D r i v e P i n i o n

Available shims S4 Screw bolt in drive pin ion. Apply torque meter

Thickness (mm)

For new bearings it should be 200 to 400 Ncm

0.24 or 30 to 60 Ncm for used bearings.

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