1. Unscrew battery ground strap.

2. Remove exhaust assembly and center shield.

3. Disconnect cable on transmission lever and bracket.

Remove mounting parts. N o t e :

Cable is locked on ball socket with a lockpin to prevent jumping out.

4. Bend open cable clip on center tunnel with a suitable tool (e. g. tire iron).

5. Remove selector lever knob, pull cover out of center console and remove sleeve.

6. Remove right for alluminated dial and contact plate.

7. Mark location of shift control on center tunnel for reinstallation.

8. Unscrew bolts and remove guide plates.

9. Lift shift control forward slightly and only pull out forward far enough so that selector lever cable can be disconnected on shift base and selector lever.

10. Mount wire on cable and pull cable toward rear through insulation sheet carefully.

1. Slide rubber grommet (see position 28 B in layout drawing) on to cable sleeve and coat front dust cover with an assembly paste (e. g. rubber lubricant).

2. Mount wire, pulled back during removal, on cable A - Rubber washer and pull cable forward through insulation sheet carefully.

For this job one person in the passenger compartment should pull the wire and a second person should guide it through the insulation sheet from underneath.

3. Mount cable on shift control and install shift base.

Tightening torque for cable sleeve to shift control: 8 Nm (6 ft lb).

4. Install contact carrier so that the installation mark is aligned with the contact.

5. Push cable through opening in suspension console and mount on bracket as well as transmission lever.

Use a rubber grommet in opening of suspension console to reduce the noise level.

A - Rubber grommet (position 28 A)

6. Mount cable sleeve on center tunnel with a clamp.

7. Adjust rubber grommet (position 28 B in layout drawing) so that cable sleeve cannot contact center tunnel.

ADJUSTING SELECTOR LEVER CABLE 1. Place selector lever in "P".

3. Repeat test in point 1.

2. Place operating lever on transmission in "P" (push back against stop).

3. Adjust ball socket on cable so that installation without tension is possible.

4. Place selector lever in "N", Interruption of power transmission should be indicated by rise in engine speed.

5. Place selector lever in "D". Power transmission should be indicated by drop in engine speed.

6. It should only be possible to start engine in "P" and "N",

7. Backup lights must be on in "R",

Use lockpin to prevent ball socket from popping out.

Place selector lever in "N", Run engine at fast idle speed.

Pull up parking brake lever and brake car with brake pedal for following tests.

1. Place selector lever in "R", Power transmission must be indicated by drop in engine speed.

2. Place selector lever in "P". Reverse gear disengages as indicated by rise in engine speed.

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