944 USA/Jap. from 12.19.84

TECHNICAL DATA Internal code

Number of gears


Driving position 1 Driving position 2 Driving position D Driving position R


Converter ratio Converter code Stall speed

Final drive

Hypoid displacement Final drive ratio

Filling Capacities Final drive

Automatic transmission USA - values in parentheses

3 forward, 1 reverse and parking lock

Type 087 M and N Code letter RCA, RCB, RCD, RCE, RCF i = 2.7143 i = 1.5000 i = 1.0000 i = 2.4286

Type 087 M Code letter RH

Hydrodynamic torque converter

Hypoid/ring gear

44 mm

Approx. 1 liter hypoid gear lube SAE 90 of APl classification GL5, or MIL - L 2105 B

Total volume with ATF coolant approx. 6.5 liters of ATF Dexron

Change volume 2.8 liters ATF

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