Vw 472

3. Check synchromesh ring.

Press synchromesh ring on cone of gear and measure clearance "a" with a feeler gage blade.

Clearance "a"

New Installed Distance

Wear Limit

Reverse gear

0.75 - 2.3 mm


4. Adjust operating lever.

4. Adjust operating lever.

Insert reverse gear lock.

Insert selector rod for 5th and reverse gears as well as operating lever in correct position.

Press operating lever in direction of arrow until it rests on selector rod and dog of gear.

Screw in adjusting screw against stop on threaded sleeve.

Press operating lever against bolt and loosen bolt 5. Installed position of locks and 5th gear detent. until beginning of threads is heard to mesh in threaded sleeve (loosen at least 1/4 turn).

Screw in bolt and tighten to specified torque.

Engage reverse gear several times and check that all points of reversing mechanism mave easily.

Operating lever has been adjusted correctly when it is centered exactly above bushing for reverse gear lock.

6. Installed position of gear detents (1st. . .4th gears).

7. Installed position of reverse gear detent.

D e t e r m i n i n g T h i c k n e s s o f S h i m " S4 "

Shims available as spare parts:

This procedure will be necessary after replacing the gear carrier housing. It provides preload for the drive pinion's tape red roller bearings.

Measure case depth "a" of old and new gear carrier housing and determine difference.


Old gear carrier housing depth "a"

New gear carrier housing depth "a"


New gear carrier housing is deeper = install thicker shim S4.

Old gear carrier housing is deeper = install thinner shim S4.


Old shim + difference New shim S4

Printed in Germany - XVII, 1988 Disassembling and Assembling Gear Carrier Housing 34 - 37

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