Vw 681

3. Pull out seal for input shaft with Special Tool VW 681.

A = Internal claw puller

5. Remove rear needle bearing for input shaft with an internal claw puller, e. g. Kukko 21/5. Special Tool VW 771 and Special Tool VW 771/15.

A - Internal claw puller

6. Drive out tapered roller bearing outer race for drive pinion with Special Tools VW 2050 and VW 771.

Heat case for removal of outer race, since tapered roller bearing outer race has a tight press-fit in the case.

7. Pult out outer race for smalt tapered roller bearing. Use a 46 to 56 mm internal claw puller and spindle for this step.

8. Pult out outer race of large tapered roller bearing with a 46 to 56 mm internat claw puller and spindle.

It is essential to heat the transmission case thoroughly prior to installation of the outer race, since the tapered roller bearing outer race for the drive pinion must be installed in the case with a very tight press-fit. In order to be able to install the outer race without problems, case temperature must be at least 150 °C (300 °F). Temperatures up to 180 °C (350 ° F) will not damage the case. Heat from hot water stream or washing machine will not be sufficient.

1. Install tapered roller bearing outer race for drive pinion in the heated case. Always work with a press to avoid tilted.

Use Special Tools VW 2050 and VW 295. Hold preload under press about 2 more minutes until heat has been transferred.

Installed position: lettering on needle bearing faces special tool.

Do not mix up needle bearings for input shaft, since they differ in outside diameter and number af needles.

4. Press in outer race for large tapered roller bearing. Use Special Tools VW 511 and VW 295.

5. Press in outer race for small tapered roller bearing (in side cover). It is recommended to heat to cover. Use Special Tools VW 30 - 205 and VW 295.

It is recommended to install the seals for flange shafts only after installation of the differential to avoid damage.

6. Drive in seal for flange shaft against stop with Special Tool VW 2062.

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