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A - US 1064 torque gage 0- 600 Ncm (0 - 500 in. lb)

After adjustment of pinion, remove cover for final drive housing and cover for pinion.

1. Install differential and pinion. Insert seals in both covers and install cover for final drive housing. Coat sealing surface with D 3 sealer. Mount cover for pinion and tighten all bolts of both covers to specified torque.

2. Apply a light coat of multi-purpose grease to O-rings and threads of adjusting rings. Lubricate bearings with hypoid gear oil and tighten both adjusting rings until the surfaces between teeth are at same height as housing surface.

3. Continue adjusting the adjusting ring behind ring gear carefully, until teeth of ring gear mesh with pinion without play.

4. Tighten adjusting ring opposite ring gear as far as possible and preload slightly so there is no play in bearings.

5. Turn adjusting ring behind ring gear back by 1/2 tooth (direction of arrow).

6. Turn adjusting ring opposite ring gear by 2 teeth (direction of arrow). This completes adjustment of the necessary bearing preload and specified backlash.

5. Insert VW 521/4 with VW 521/8 and mount VW 387.

1. Turn pinion in both directions several times.

2. Mount VW 386 a on pinion cover and hold pinion tight with clamping bolt.

3. Adjust VW 388 to distance a = 68 mm and install VW 521/4.

6. Check backlash on circumference at four places.

Separate measurements must not differ from each other by more than 0.05 mm. The above specification applies only to new pinion/ ring gear sets; for old sets adjust backlash to previous value as accurately as possible.

7. If backlash of a new pinion/ring gear set is outside specifications, it must be corrected by turning both adjusting rings evenly. Do not change bearing preload.

4. Install dial gage with square-ended extension in VW 387.

8. Finally measure total turning torque on pinion for all 4 tapered roller bearings.

Total turning torque must exceed turning torque of pinion by at least 40 Ncm (3,5 in. lb); if necessary increase torque by tightening both adjusting rings accordingly.

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