Adjusting Throttle And Control Pressure Cable

The positioning of the throttle to the valves in the transmission is extremely important for perfect transmission operation and unimpaired driving of car. transmission bracket at distance A 29 mm and tighten to torque of 20 Nm. transmission lever completely and secure on transmission lever with securing clip. 3. Set accelerator pedal and cam to neutral position 4. Make sure short cable sleeve fits correctly in firewall. Printed in Germany-XVI,1987 Adjusting Throttle and Control 37 - 11 Pressure...

Removing And Installing Differential

Gear carrier must be removed first before removing the differential. 1. Unscrew flange shaft mounting bolt and take off flange shaft, while holding with a mandrel. 2. Unscrew final drive cover mounting bolts and pry off cover with two tire irons. 1. Torque side transmission cover bolts to 25 Nm 18 ft lb . 2. Torque flange shaft mounting bolt to 25 Nm 18 ft lb .

Adjusting Clutch Spring

Porsche 944 Clutch Switch

Automatic hydraulic clutch adjustment means that clutch play cannot be checked at the clutch pedal. Nevertheless, the clutch cannot operate correctly unless there is 0.5 mm clearance between push rod and master-cylinder piston. This play cannot be measured it is about 3 mm at the pedal pad and must be determined by feel. If necessary, correct play by adjusting piston rod. A spring which reduces the pedal force is installed to assist the force applied to the pedal. For this purpose, the spring...