ABS test on 911 Carrera 2 using ABS 2LED tester Printed In Germany X 1990




Special tool

Order number



ABS 2-LED tester

Robert Bosch GmbH, Dept. KH/VKD 3 P.O. Box 41 09 60 7500 Karlsruhe 41 Federal Republic of Germany

Telephone: 0721/4009-1 Telex: 78 26 663


Authorized dealer or parts distributor


35-pole ABS 2-LED adapter cable

Included with ABS 2-LED tester

ABS test on 911 Carrera 2 using ABS 2-LED tester

Printed In Germany - X, 1990

911 Carrera 2 Brake, Hydraulics, Regulator, Booster

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