Assembling the track rods on the steering gear


The link fork of the track rod must possess a certain installation position. The track rods are assembled with built-in steering gear. It must be ensured that the rack is not damaged (scores).

1. Screw the track rod into the rack until:

- the link fork (A) is horizontal

(±2* deviation from the horizontal in the vehicle permitted).

- and so that the distance (B) between the stop disk and the link fork is approx.

4 - 5 mm. When measuring the distance, the stop disk must rest on the rack. The stop disk simultaneously acts as a locking nut.

Observe usage of stop washer (page 48 - 4).

2. Secure the link fork on the rack in the described position. To do this, tighten the stop disk using the socket spanner insert, special tool 9183.

Tightening torque 70 Nm. During tightening, hold against tightening force at rack (partially possible only on the left side) and also extend the rack out of the steering gear casing only as far as necessary.

3. Ensure that approximately the same number of thread turns are screwed into the (X) track rod of the link fork and ball joint. Before fitting the bellows, coat the fully extended end(s) of the steering rack with VW steering gear grease AOF 063 000 04.


Assembling the track rods on the steering gear

Printed in Germany - XV, 1992

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