Assembly notes

Undo and tighten the lock nut (No. 1) with the vehicle on its wheels. Actuate the brakes at the same time. When undoing the tensioning stud, raise the vehicle immediately after undoing the lock nut. When fitting the tensioning nut, screw the lock nut in place before lowering the vehicle onto its wheels. If this precaution is not observed, the wheel bearing may be damaged. To keep the assembly from turning when undoing the lock nut or when fitting the tensioning stud, a 3/4 inch square is provided on the tensioning stud.

Replace the spacer and the lock nut when repairs are required. Check the tensioning stud visually and replace it if required.

The tightening torque of the wheel hub to wheel bearing bolt union is 460 Nm (339 ftlb.).



2 - Tensioning stud

3 - Spacer ring

Wheel hub to wheel bearing bolt union on the Carrera RS

40 -103

Printed in Germany XXII, 1994

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