Carrera 4Front Wheel Suspension Axle Shaft40

Dismantling and assembling spring strut Dismantling

- Using a spring tensioner (e.g. tool supplied by Klann), preload coil spring until the piston rod is slack.


— To unbolt the bolt joint (piston rod to strut mount), use a 7 mm Allen key to keep the piston rod from turning. Caution: Never use an impact screwdriver to undo and tighten the lock nut.


- Take all parts off the piston rod. Note

Parts Nos. 16 to 20 and No. 2A of the below drawing are only applicable to the Carrera RS.


- Replace lock nut that secures the piston rod at the spring strut mount.

Coat threads and stem with Optimoly HT.

- If required (e.g. when replacing the vibration damper), set adjusting nut No. 8 into the same position as on the old vibration damper (transfer setting to the new damper).

Coat threads of the adjusting nut with Optimoly TA.

- When fitting progressive-acting coil springs, make sure the close coils face the strut mount.

- It is recommended to replace the coil springs only in pairs.

Observe references according to spare parts catalog.

- When tightening the lock nut of the strut mount, use a semi-open socket, e.g. of the type supplied by Hazet.

In this way, the nut can be tightened exactly to the specified tightening torque of 80 Nm (59 ftlb.). At the same time an angled 7 mm Allen key may be used to prevent the piston rod from turning. Caution: Never use an impact screwdriver to tighten the lock nut.

911 Carrera 4 Rear Wheel Suspension, Axle Shaft

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