Checking the speed sensor signal

For this check, use ABS 2 - LED tester (Page 45-7), or an oscilloscope.

Connect the ABS 2 - LED tester to the control unit plug with the 55-pin adapter line.

If an oscilloscope is used, separate the speed sensor plug connection at the spring strut or spring strut mount in the trunk (for distinguishing feature, see Page D39/45 - 13). Connect the oscilloscope to the plug at the speed sensor side. Depending on the tester, select special input or secondary image.

Check by turning the left front wheel by hand. ABS tester in program switch position 6 / rotary switch for wheel selection to front left wheel. Turn the wheel until the LED (No. 2) lights up without flashing. If an oscilloscope is used, approx. 1 revolution per second.

Speed Sensor Oscilloscope
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