Control arm with mounting boltsmounting nut

— Joint carrier

— 993 = olive-colored. Bore diameter of wheel carrier mount = 12 mm

— 964 = gold-colored. Bore diameter (mount) = 10 mm

— Stabilizer bar / stabilizer bar mount

— Vibration damper

993 = 48 teeth

— Steering gear

— Brake booster with bracket

911 Carrera 4 Front Wheel Suspension, Axle Shaft

4. Fit spring stmt support mount to spring strut tower in correct position.

5. Bleed front brake circuit (conventional method).

6. When assembling or replacing components that affect the vehicle height, check wheel alignment and vehicle ride height.

When replacing parts or undoing nut/bolt unions that affect wheel alignment only, it is sufficient to check and/or adust wheel alignment only, ist is sufficient to check and/o adjust wheel alignment.

Removing and installing halfshaft

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