1. Remove rear wheel.

2. Take lock spring (arrow) off brake hose and remove bracket (7) from rear-axle trailing arm.

3. Unbolt brake caliper from rear-axle trailing arm and suspend at wheel housing.


4. Remove parking brake assembly from rear-axle trailing arm.

Carrera 4 Table Of Contents Carrera 2 Addendum

42 Rear Wheel Suspension, Axle Shaft

5. Unbolt stabilizer bar mounts (arrow) from stabilizer bar. Raise rear-axle trailing arm somewhat, extend mount and let hang down.

6. On the 911 Carrera with Tiptronic, disconnect connector at transmission. Remove pan head screw with Special Tools 9299 and 9299/1 (no. 1/no. 2) in conjunction with a torque wrench (arrow).

7. Remove side member panel and screw out hex bolt (13).

8. Suspend drive shaft at spring strut or spring strut tower, respectively, in horizontal position.

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