1. Before lifting the vehicle, unbolt drive shaft mounting on wheel end, actuating the brake to keep the shaft from rotating.

2. Take off front wheel.

3. Open multi-plug socket at spring strut and take out connector.

Unclip electrical wire from strut.

4. Separate brake line of spring strut from brake hose and remove brake caliper. Before performing this operation, press down pedal with pedal retainer unit to avoid brake fluid from flowing in from the reservoir.

5. Press tie rod ball joint out of steering arm using a suitable puller, e.g. Nexus 168-1. Start by undoing the inner lock nut at the tie rod adjuster, however. Turn tie rod and ball joint to the rear (arrow). Extend ball joint.

6. Remove brake cooling air duct from control arm.

7. Separate stabilizer bar mount at stabilizer bar and wheel carrier.

8. Undo wheel carrier (ball joint) and pull off with suitable puller e.g. Nexus 169-1.

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