Fault Fault Code Possible Causes Elimination Remarks

6. Check the wires from terminal L1 on the relay base to PIN 24 on the control unit plug and from L2 to PIN 35 for a break in circuit.

7. Check that the valve relay is energized (voltage present at solenoid valve).

Reconnect all plugs and the relay.

Push back the protective cap on the locking valve plug block. Switch the ignition off, then switch it on again. The voltage of the car's electrical system must be present at PIN 1 and PIN 2.


If no voltage is present, renew the valve relay experimentally, or test with the A8S 2-LED tester to make quite sure that the relay is genuinely defective.

If the LED on the ABS tester fails to light up steadily in program switch position 5 with the ignition switched on, the relay is defective.

8. If the valve relay is in working order, renew the PDAS/ABS control unit experimentally (output stage defective).

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