For Carrera 24 as of the following VIN during Model Year 1992

WPO ZZZ 96 Z NS 40 0552 (Coupé RoW) WPO AB2 96 8 NS 42 0280 (Coupé USA) WPO ZZZ 96 Z NS 43 0124 (Targa RoW) WPO BB2 96 6 NS 44 0113 (Targa USA) WPO ZZZ 96 Z NS 45 0227 (Conv. RoW) WPO CB2 96 5 NS 46 0289 (Conv. USA)

This allows 16 and 17 inch wheels to be fitted to the Carrera 2/4 without having to perform additional service work on the steering stop.

- 911 Carrera 2/4 with 6 J x 16 front wheels, up to the above modifications applied during Model Year 1992.


Removing and installing steering gear Removal

1. Separate universal joint (steering shaft) from steering gear. To do so, remove floorboard of pedal cluster. Undo both clamping screws and push joint upwards.

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