Incorrect assembly

3. Check parking brake shoes, adjuster, return springs, thrust springs and spreader lever once more for correct seating, making corrections as required.

4. Clean end and centering surfaces of brake disc and wheel hub. Coat centering surface of wheel hub with a very thin coat of Optimoly TA.

5. Fit brake disc. Note

Be careful not to confuse right-hand and left-hand brake discs on Turbo-Look vehicles during reassembly.

The discs may be identified by their involute shape and part No. (refer to front brake, p. 46-11)

6. Adjust parking brake (p. 46 - 5). Fit brake caliper. Tighten mounting bolts to 85 Nm (63 ftlb.).




911 Carrera 4 Brakes, Hydraulics, Regulator, Booster

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