911 964 Accelerator Sensor

Fault, Fault Code

Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

2: Lateral acceleration sensor Short-circuit / Break in circuit

Wiring between control unit and lateral acceleration sensor not in working order (break, short to positive side or to earth/ground), or the lateral acceleration sensor itself is damaged. The following wiring is installed:

PIN 15 at control unit - PIN 3 at sensor

- Earth/ground for sensor =

PIN 9 at control unit - PIN 1 at sensor

- Signal from sensor to control unit

(2,7 ±0.14 Volt with car in normal-load position) = PIN 34 at control unit - PIN 2 at sensor

The PIN data for the sensor plug can be seen on top of the plug after pushing back the protective sleeve.

1. Check power supply (approx. 5 Volt) at the sensor plug (black plug housing) after detaching it, with the ignition switched on. PIN 1 (-) and PIN 3 ( + ).


There is a cover on the right side of the center console. The sensors can be reached after removing this cover.

1 = Lateral acceleration sensor

2 = Front-rear acceleration sensor

Jmg Porsche

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

2. Check for break in circuit or short to earth/ground at the wire between PIN 2 at the sensor plug and PIN 34 at the control unit plug after this has been detached.

3. Connect the plug to the sensor. Check the installed position of the sensor and its function by testing the output signal. To make this check, connect the 55-pin ABS 2-LED adapter wire to the control unit plug. Connect the multimeter to sockets B and C. For meas. procedure and desired values, see Page 45 - 1...45 - 5.

Porsche 964 Wheel Sensor

3: Lateral acceleration Signals from lateral acceleration sensor to control unit are incorrect, sensor Implausible signal The sensor has a mechanical defect, its installed position is incorrect Fault code 13 or the connecting wires have been accidentally interchanged.

1. Check lateral and front-rear acceleration sensor, Page 45 - 1...45 -5.

2. Renew the sensor if necessary. No repair work on the sensor is permitted.

3. After eliminating the fault, repeat the test.

Fault, Fault Code

Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

4: Lateral lock Deviation in regulating values

During the lateral lock regulating phase the monitoring circuit in the PDAS/ABS control unit has identified excessive variations between the desired and actual values.

Possible faults

- Lock control circuit poorly bled (lock actuating hydraulics)

- Lock hydraulics leaking

- Locking valve block (solenoid valve) has a mechanical defect

- Lock cylinder does not retain preset pressure (leaking through load relief bore)

- Inadequate signal from a rear wheel speed sensor

- Fault in lateral lock plates

- Insufficient hydraulic pressure builds up at plates, for example because counter-bearing bolt at engagement lever is wrongly adjusted (only on adjustable version / engagement lever makes contact).

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