1. On cars as of MY '91, coat outside diameter of shock absorber mount with tire assembly compound. Insert spring strut into spring strut tower.

2. Use new lock nut when fitting spring strut support mount to body. Coat thread with Optimoly HT.

A = Initial version

Tightening torque 20 Nm (15 ftlb).

B = Revised / lowered version as of MY' 91 Tightening torque 37 Nm in conjunction with 3.1 mm washer (999.025.125.02) and collar nut (900.380.006.02).


3. Install heater blower and air cleaner, respectively.

4. Fit shock absorber to rear-axle trailing arm, coating the hexagon head bolt

(M 14 x 1.5 x 100) with Optimoly HT along thread and stem, and tighten to 200 Nm (147 ftlb).

5. When fitting new parts that affect vehicle height, check alignment of front and rear axle.


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