Measurement 1 manometer pressure 05 bar

Set torque wrench to approx. 5 Nm (3.7 ftlb) and connect to adapter plate on rear left-hand wheel hub (No. 7). Observe ratchet direction of torque wrench. During measurement operate footbrake so that remaining three wheels are completely locked. Using torque wrench carefully (i.e. not jerkily) turn forwards. If wheel hub does not turn but torque wrench starts clicking, actual locking moment has not been reached. Set torque wrench to higher value and repeat procedure. Actual locking moment is reached when wheel hub turns just as torque wrench begins to click. If wheel hub turns but wrench does not click, torque setting on wrench is too high (actual value is lower).


Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

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