Measurement 2 manometer pressure 2040 bar

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Produce test pressure with System Tester with suitable number of impulses.

Set torque wrench to minimum value (depending on pressure) in accordance with limit table (P. D39/45-38). Repeat procedure as for measurement 1.

- Measurement 3 = manometer pressure 40...60 bar. Repeat procedure as for measurements 1 and 2.

- Compare actual values of measurements 1/2/3 with those prescribed on P. D39/45-38.


All-wheel drive / Antiblock system

911 Carrera 4




Measurement 2 = manometer pressure 20...40 bar

Actual values: manometer pressure 31 bar measured locking torque 260 Nm (190.6 ftlb)

Prescribed value acc. to table 31 bar 200...290 Nm (146.6...212.6 ftlb)

Measurement 2 in order, as it is within tolerance margins (limit table)

- Measurement 4 = min. locking moment 500 Nm

(367 ftlb) must be ensured. Pressure 80 bar or more.

- Measurement 5 = admission valves

Move to position for pressure reduction and read off manometer pressure. Prescribed value: approx. 2.0...3.5 bar. If necessary, for values outside tolerance and with low pressure - max. 20 bar - repeat process, reducing pressure by switching off ignition.



4. Switch off System Tester remove ignition key (lines from solenoid valve to admission valves therefore not under pressure)

5. Prepare vehicle for longitudinal lock measuring:

- Remove manometer measuring line from transverse lock cylinder and attach in same way to longitudinal lock cylinder.

- Also remove rear right-hand brake caliper (without opening hydraulics) and insert second retaining block -Special Tool 9509/4 - into brake caliper instead of brake disc. If a brake pedal clamp was used for transverse lock measurement, remove this first

- Bleed transverse lock. Bleed manometer.

Switch off System Tester. For following point remove ignition key for safety reasons.

Cautiously open measuring line on transverse lock on transverse lock cylinder (admission pressure). Remove measuring line and fit bleed valve.

Fit measuring line assembly (No. 3 and No. 2) in conjunction with inlet-union screw (No. 4), seal rings (No. 5) and connector (No. 6) instead of bleed valve on longitudinal lock cylinder.

Important information

Tighten No. 4 and No. 6 carefully, or apply counter-pressure when tightening them. Avoid misalignment, otherwise connector (No. 6) could break off.

Porsche 911 964 Engine Diagram

Remove rear right-hand brake caliper and insert second retaining block - Special Tool 9509/4 - into brake caliper instead of brake disc. Do not open brake hydraulics. Bleed transverse lock and manometer with System Tester 9288.

Since these points are approximately the same as procedure for transverse lock testing, refer to point 2 for details if necessary.


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