On airbag vehicles, the steering wheel must be located with the road wheels in straight-ahead position. If this requirement is not observed, the airbag contact unit must brought into the center position after the steering gear has been fitted (p. 48 - 8). Airbag vehicles are fitted with a sliding joint. This way only one clamping screw (dowel screw) is provided.

4. Remove right and left-hand tie-rod after the lock nut / stop washer (arrow) has been undone.

2. Remove underside panel.

3. Press tie-rod ball joint off the steering arm. Use a suitable puller, e.g. Nexus 168-1. Start by loosening the inner lock nut of the tie-rod adjuster. Turn tie-rod along with ball joint to the rear (arrow). Extend ball joint. Repeat procedure on the other side.

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