Make sure the steering rack is not damaged (score marks). This is also important when removing and installing the steering gear. Use protective caps or a rubber or plastic hose for protection.



5. Undo feed and return lines of steering gear. Block lines or place receptacle below lines. If required, unclip power steering line from retainer.


6. Undo steering gear mounting bolts.


7. Extend steering gear as follows: Rack on right-hand side is fully retracted into steering gear housing (arrow). Lower steering gear on right-hand side.


Then retract steering rack on left-hand side fully into steering gear housing (arrow), pulling or pushing (as required) on face of steering rack (take care not to damage the steering rack). Extend steering gear in rotary pistorr/"rotaiy^vaive area and take out towards bottom.


Install in reverse order.

Be sure to observe the following points:

- Replace steering gear mounting bolts and dowel screw(s) of the steering shaft with new parts after each removal operation.

Clean threaded bores for steering gear mounts with compressed air.

- Make sure that the steering rack is not damaged (score marks).

- With the rack fully extended, coat steering rack with VW steering gear grease

AOF 063 000 04.

- When replacing the steering gear, assemble the rubber mounts and mounting clamps with Omnis 32 (Texaco) before fitting the gear into the vehicle.

- Push universal joint (steering shaft) into correct position — with steering wheel, steering box and contact unit (spiral spring) of airbag vehicles in center position.

Steering gear fastening bolts should only be screwed on lightly (to facilitate assembly).

Observe notes for airbag vehicles (p. 48 - 7 / 48 - 8).

- After having tightened the steering gear mounting screws, assemble the tie-rods with the steering gear, observing the correct position (page 48-3).

- After having reconnected the pressure lines, fill steering hydraulics and bleed the steering gear (page 48 - 2).

- Tighten all nuts and bolts to the specified torque.

- Check toe-in and adjust if required.

Notes for airbag vehicles

1. If slider No. 1 has been pulled of the steering shaft No. 4, the roll pin No. 2 must face the tooth cutout (No. 3) when the components are reassembled.


2. If the steering wheel has not been located before the steering gear was removed, the correct position of the contact unit (spiral spring) may have been lost. In this case, set the contact unit to the center position (approx. 4 1/2 turns from left-hand or right-hand full lock) with the front wheels in straight-ahead position (steering shaft fitted to steering gear). The precise center position is indicated by two arrows.


A new contact unit will be supplied locked in the center position. The lock is not removed until the contact unit is fitted.

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