Replace pressure accumulator if the gas filling pressure has reached or fallen below the wear limit.

If the actual values deviate from the nominal values, replace the pressure warning switch

Read off the pressure immediately after independent cut-out of the pump

Fill the pressure accumulator completely 2 x previously (start the pump running again after 1st cut-out by operating the brake pedal). Then turn the ignition key to position 0 and disconnect the electrical plug at the pump. No longer operate the brake pedal now.

External leak: Retighten lines or replace the corresponding parts.

Possible internal leaks:

- Brake booster

- Valve block for lock control

- Pump assembly

First check the brake booster. To do this, dismantle the line at the pressure accumulator (in depressurized condition). Close off the pressure accumulator with a mini-measuring connection or suitable bleeder valve. Repeat the test.

If appropriate, continue in the same way at the valve block. Then replace the localized/damaged parts and bleed the system.

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