Possible faults

Proceed in general as for fault code -14 - with the foil, difference:

- front or rear wheel speed sensor is not supplying an adequate signal

- front-rear differential lock plates not in working order. Procedure - in general as for fault code -14 -

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

19: Full differential The fault is also recorded if the full locking button (the traction switch locking button on the center console) is held in the "Engage locks" for longer than

1. Check whether an operating error or a genuine fault has occurred. For this check, enter Menu 3 = Switch inputs with the System Tester.

Desired System Tester display with:

Switch in central position Switch turned to right and held Switch turned to left and held


2. If a genuine fault has occurred, pull the plug off the full locking switch. Checking the full locking switch:

Correct continuity between PIN 1 and PIN 3 when switch is turned to right and held.

Correct continuity between PIN 1 and PIN 5 when switch is turned to left and held.

3. Checking wiring / earth/ground and positive potential:

The current must be positive at PIN 3 of the switch plug when the ignition is switched on {— battery voltage / control unit plug attached). Earth/ground must be present at PIN 5 of the switch plug. Check that there is no break in the wire between control unit plug PIN 28 and PIN 1 of the switch plug.

Make sure that this wire has no short to earth/ground or to the positive side.

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