Power supply and earthground

Pins occupied at control unit and sensor plug are the same as for the lateral acceleration sensor.

17: Longitudinal acceleration sensor Implausible signal

Signals from longitudinal acceleration sensor to control unit are incorrect. Sensor has a mechanical fault, installed position is incorrect or connecting wires have been accidentally interchanged.

1. Check lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensor, Page 45 - 1...45 - 5.

2. Renew sensor if necessary. Repairs to the sensor are not permitted.

3. After eliminating the fault, repeat the check.

18: Front-rear differential During the front-rear control process the monitoring circuit in the lock control deviations PDAS/ABS control unit has detected excessive discrepancies be-Fault code 44 tween the desired and actual values.

If a speed sensor fault has also been memorized, the fault is probably restricted to the speed sensor signal.

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