Preliminary work

1. To prevent the measured result from being corrupted, close the locks 2 x at full booster pressure before measurement.

To do this:

- Switch on the ignition

- Press the brake pedal as often as required until the pump assembly starts running.

- When the pump assembly has switched off independently, turn the full-lock switch (traction switch in the center console) to the right (close lock). Then turn the switch to the left (open lock).

- Repeat this operation, i.e. close and open the locks once more.

- Switch off the ignition.

2. Depressurize the booster circuit for safety reasons. To do this, remove the ignition key and then operate the brake pedal ap-prox. 25 times.

3. Remove the slave cylinders.

- Transverse lock: Undo the fixing screws on the slave cylinder. Do not undo the pressure line.

- Longitudinal lock: Unscrew the screw on the slave cylinder and pull out holding plate (arrow). Do not undo the pressure line.

- Unclip the pressure line at the transmission and hang both lock cylinders to the side with connected line.

Measurement Note

Perform measurement only after completion of all preliminary work. The sealing bellows (A) in the transmission case remains installed for measurement on the longitudinal and transverse locks.


1. Back off the adjusting screw of the measuring cylinder (2) as far as possible so that assembly of the measuring cylinder is made easier.

2a. Measure transverse lock.

Fit the measuring cylinder (A) with flange (B) on the transmission. Align the measuring cylinder so that the measurement scale is easily visible. Tighten the flange securing nut (C).

2b. Measure the longitudinal lock.

Secure the measuring cylinder with holding plate for the slave cylinder (arrow) on the transmission.

if' iT



SjSJ ?

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■ Li0/r~—


3. Screw in the adjusting screw (2) on the measuring cylinder until there is no axial play at the spacer tappet (1) or so that there is just minimally perceptible axial play. Read off the axial dimension on the measuring cylinder in this position. If the wear dimension has been reached, the disks of the lock must be replaced.


If the first bearing screw of the engaging lever is adjustable, do not correct (manipulate) the wear dimension at the screw under any circumstances. In contrast, the adjustment dimension must be produced with the adjustable thrust bearing screw when new disks are installed.

Adjustment and wear dimension in mm

Not adjustable


Transverse lock:

Adjustment dimension/

new dimension

approx. 33


Wear dimension

Gylon discs*



Valeo discs**



Longitudinal lock:

Adjustment dimension/

new dimension

approx. 29.5


Wear dimension



4. If the disks are ok, assemble the slave cylinders on the transmission again.


If the sealing bellows (A-drawing 210-34) leaks, always replace the corresponding slave cylinders as well. In this case, bleed the lock cylinders and pressure line with system tester 9288 afterwards (P. 47-5).

5. Check general operation of the lock (brief test drive).

* Initial version (Gylon discs). Before testing, check if Valeo discs are fitted.

Identification: "V" embossed on transmission housing flange bottom that the look cylinder is fitted to (observe Technical Information).

** Modified/present version (Valeo discs)

Introduced for production as of 01-01-91, as of transmission No. G 64 00 01146 /

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