Prepare vehicle for testing transverse locks

- Remove rear left-hand brake caliper (do not open brake hydraulics) and insert retaining block - Special Tool 9509/5 - into brake caliper instead of brake disc.

- Connect manometer to transverse lock cylinder, first removing ignition key for safety reasons.

- Plug System Tester 9288 into diagnosis socket.

- Bleed manometer.

- Disconnect ground cable and retainer (A) from left-hand rear axle link (arrows), first extending brake hose retainer (B).

This means brake line or brake hose does not have to be opened when brakecaliper is removed.


- Remove rear left-hand brake caliper using suitable conventional hexagon socket wrench or Special Tool P 119. Insert retaining block (No. 9) into brake caliper instead of brake disc. Place brake caliper on rear axle link or other convenient place.

Inlet Union Screw



- Connect inlet union (No. 3) to measuring line (No. 2). Then fit this assembly, in conjunction with inlet-union screw, seal rings and connector (No. 4/No. 5/No. 6) instead of bleed valve to transverse lock servo cylinder.

Important information

Tighten No. 4 and No. 6 carefully, or apply counter-pressure when tightening them to avoid misalignment. Failure to observe this precaution could cause connector (No. 6) to break off. Before opening bleed valve, ensure lock cylinder is not under pressure (e.g. due to full-lock button). It Is therefore best to remove ignition key.

Porsche 911 Head Lights Assembly

911 Carrera 4

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